Staging the Perfect Open House

Staging the Perfect Open House

There are plenty of components to selling your home but staging the perfect open house is crucial if you want to sell your house quickly.  A good open house will bring plenty of visitor who are ready and shopping for a new home.  That being said putting together an open house that creates a multiple offer situation takes work and a lot goes into it.  Working with your realtor here is what you need to do to put together a successful open house.

Prepare Your Home to Show

It cannot be stressed enough just how important this, your home needs to be picture perfect when buyers come through.  You can start by cleaning from top to bottom.  Next up is decluttering your space that means getting rid of all your personal items, cleaning out closets, organizing the garage etc.  You need buyers to feel like they could be comfortable and at home and they can’t do that with your personal stuff everywhere.  Fix any and all minor repairs that need to be done and make all necessary touch ups so there are no squeaky drawers or broken hinges.


This part will be your realtor’s responsibility but before the actual date of your open house they should set a time to bring other real estate agents through your house.  At the same time they should be aggressively marketing your open house.  It should be advertised across all social media platforms and even in the local papers and real estate guides.  The more your open house is advertised the more people come to see  your house.

Getting Guest to Sign-In

You want to keep track of who is coming through the doors and seeing the house.  It gives your realtor the chance to follow up with them later.  You will also want to take some notes on the comments people make, including what they like or don’t like about the house.  You can set up a small table just inside the door with a guest book or get one of your interns to keep track for you.

Greeting Visitors

First impressions are everything so your realtor should have a friendly face there ready to greet all visitors and making them feel welcome.  They should have information sheets ready with info on the house.  It is the small things that give you the edge when it comes to sales and help get better offers on your home.

Lastly you want your agent to follow up with anybody who came to your open house, you want to take every opportunity possible to get the best offer for your home.