Curb Appeal Sells Houses

Curb Appeal Sells Houses

First impressions are everything and when it comes to selling your house then you really need to make a good first impression.  The first time people drive up to your home they need to like what they see.  Too many homeowners focus on the interior of their homes when they are looking to sell overlooking the front landscaping.  The fact is curb appeal sells houses and here’s how you can improve yours.

Paint Your House

Don’t underestimate the value of a fresh coat of paint, inside or outside.   If your house has peeling paint, then it is time to replace it.  You can stick with the same color or you choose a different one but make sure it works with the neighborhood and the color of your roof.  Painting your whole home may not be necessary you may just need to paint the porch or the front steps.  Either way it will make the front of your home look fresh and new.

Improve your Landscaping

Your landscaping should be neat and fairly simple to maintain.  If you have trees and bushes in the yard they will need to be trimmed and pruned you can use Keller Tree Service to take care of that for you.  Make sure that you have no patches of missing lawn or dried out grass.  Trim around the edges and pull all the weeds out from your flower bed.  Landscaping doesn’t have to be ornate but it does need to be neat and tidy.

Get a New Steel Front Door

A new steel door conveys a feeling of safety and security to potential home buyers.  It is a fairly low cost investment that provides a tremendous return on the money spent.  This is also where you can add a splash of color to the front of your home.  A new door also makes your home look well maintained and cared for which is something that you want potential buyers to feel about your house.

Add Some Lights

It you are selling your house any time of year but the middle of summer chances are you can have buyers come to look at your home after it gets dark.  Having your front door and walkways well lit allows them to see your home and makes it look safe.

It is important to remember the curb appeal when it comes time to sell, nothing conveys the feeling that a home is loved and well maintained than by giving a great first impression.  Having a clean and neat front façade is a good start to getting a quick sale.